• Image of The Moments Sessions
  • Image of The Moments Sessions
  • Image of The Moments Sessions

New this year... The Moments Session! *COUPLES ONLY*

These sessions are for designed for specifically for couples only and will be in a several different locations throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Why Couples Only? For us it goes beyond the pictures. But into the moments, the feeling, and the touch.

Its an opportunity to put everything on hold and just experience a moments together...just the two of you. Through words, touch, feeling, sound and smell..It will go beyond the images, past the sunlight, into an experience... a moment together.

Sessions are up to 2.5 hours and include images via digital download along with personal printing rights.

There is only one location.. We will be walking, hiking and exploring. There are NO outfit changes, props or dogs allowed. These are specific to just the two of you only.

A suggested what to wear guide will be sent out as well as more information, expectations and questionnaires.

Location will be around in the selected area, exploring some of the most beautiful nature locations around the state!


In the event of Severe Weather or Act of God that causes a cancellation sessions will not be rescheduled.


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